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Preschool Mrs. Marzec  
  Ms. B. Monoco  
  Mrs. K. Wartner  
  Mrs. Jenny Leahy, Mrs. Gabrielle Wood  
Kindergarten Mrs. J. Caper  12
  Mrs. K. Halick  
Kindergarten Mrs. J. Cavanaugh  11
  Mrs. K.  
1st Grade Ms. S. Luster 10
  Mrs. S. Foley-Gajda  9
2nd Grade Mrs. M. May  7
  Mrs. J. Pecenka 5
3rd Grade Ms. Katy Vokac  4
  Mrs. M. Lidgus  3
4th Grade Mrs. E. Witt  8

Ms. E. Petry

5th Grade Ms. M. K. Lyons  15
  Mrs. T. Pedote  18
6th Grade Mrs. L. Bedore  16
  Mrs. G. Lewellyan  13
7th Grade Mrs. S. Donovan  19
  Ms. N. Coppola 17 
8th Grade Mr. B. Tyzenhaus  21
  Ms. J. VanderHye  24
Art Mrs. M. Tourounjian  26
Nurse Mrs. T. Miller, R.N.
Music Mr. M. Watson  
Library Mrs. M. Bartels  
Math Specialist Ms. C. Novak  14
Reading Specialist Mrs. L. Lightbody  1
Tech Lab Ms. K. Rudis  20
  Mrs. A. Truty  
Physical Education Mrs. DD. Shin  
  Mr. T. Sroka
Spanish Mrs. F. Kmet  
  Ms. N. Coppola  


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Friday, Sept. 8th at 6pm: ICGS Fun Run at 6pm at Wild Meadows Trace!
Register Here

Friday, Sept. 15th at 1pm: 1900 Club Golf Outing
Register Here

8/16: New Parent Mtg.: 7-8pm in MPH

8/20: Ice Cream Social: 2-4pm on corner of Arthur & Cottage Hill

8/21: Active Brain Parent Meeting: 6:30-8pm in MPH

8/23: Grade 1-4 Full Day (No Uniform-Sunday Best Clothing)
Kinder. Parent Orient.: 9-10am
PK4 Parent/Student Orient.:9-10am
Athletic Bd. Mtg.: 6:30pm in Agnesian Rm.

8/24: Grade 5-8 Full Day (No Uniform-Sunday Best Clothing)
Kinder. Student Orient.: 9-10am
PK4 Students: 9-10am
PK3 Parent/Student Orient.: 12-1pm

8/25: Uniforms Required for K-8th
Mass at 8:15am in Church
All PK4 & Kind. Students: 8-11am

8/26: IC Fest begins with 4pm Mass & Celebration to Follow



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