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 Computer Lab Bits and Bytes

Preschool & Kindergarten: The preschoolers have been having tons of fun using the iPads and SMARTboard during Tech Time in their classrooms!  We will continue to explore letters, numbers, patterns, sorting, and more!  Kindergarteners' ABC books are looking awesome!  Using the program Paint, they practice writing letters, drawing something that starts with that letter, and using their Kindergarten spelling to sound out the spelling of that object.  All the while they are gaining better control of the mouse!

1st & 2nd Grade: 1st grade continues to work on keyboard awareness.  They are spending more time practicing typing with two hands instead of just one.  2nd grade has really increased their typing speed and accuracy while typing with their fingers in the "Home Row" position.  1st & 2nd will also spend some time being introduced to Microsoft Powerpoint later in the year.

3rd-4th Grade: 3rd & 4th grade students will explore some of the more advanced options of Microsoft Powerpoint, and be introduced to Microsoft Excel.  3rd grade will be introduced to basic functionality and vocabulary of Microsoft Excel, and 4th grade will learn about graphing and customizing their graphs.  In Powerpoint, 4th graders will learn about transition speeds and sounds as well as advanced slide design.

5th-7th Grade:  Junior High students will also learn about Microsoft Excel.  5th grade will review graphing and being learning about formulas/functions.  They will practice making formulas dynamic to support later changes.  6th grade will discuss changing the number format of a cell and sorting data by one level.  7th grade will discuss conditional formatting, sorting data by more than one level, changing workbook views, and adding a header and footer.

8th Grade: Internet safety is reviewed, as well as being good digital citizens.  Coding is introduced, using Lightbot and Tynker, along with creating QR codes integrating core classes and technology. Diocesan Assessments are done throughout the year.  

With all grades, typing is an important part of the curriculum.  If anyone would like to practice their typing at home, there are links to typing activities on the bottom of the page.



Typing Practice  Learning to type using the proper finger position is an important part of the technology curriculum.  If students would like to practice at home, here are some activities they can use:

Typing Adventure, Level 1

Typing Adventure, Level 2

Keyboard Challenge

Keyboard Climber

Dance Mat Typing

Cup Typing

Typing PacMan

Home Row Practice

Type Type Revolution

Falling Letters 

Falling Words


Want to learn what it takes to learn how to code an app or game?  Lightbot is a great introduction!



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